Sunday, 25 April 2010

BBT5 invitational tonight

Thanks again to Al for securing my invite to this tonight, and thanks for a 7pm EST start time which means I'll definitely be playing as it's only midnight here rather than the 3am starts previously mentioned.

Hopefully I'll run and play better than I did at DTD yesterday in their £50 tourney.

Couldn't get a handle on some of the odd players at my table who were making some really strange plays with awful bet sizing. I opened AJo in MP and got min re-raised by the guy directly to my left with what turned out to be QJo. He seemed to have a fetish for that hand and showed it down several times, often as a bluff or second or third pair.

The guy in seat 1 was equally bad and eventually went bust shoving AQ on a AxxK board against a decent player who had showed strength all the way.

But best of all was the Asian lady who arrived late, seemed to be playing super tight and then re-raise shoved AQ on a board of 844 against the decent player from above. She had raised UTG, he called from the BB with 45 of spades and CR'd the flop. The speed with which she shoved I thought at least she had an overpair but no, AQ, no hand, no draw. Nice.

I was finding nothing and when I eventually get JJ and open UTG I get two callers before the BB instashoves. I was getting pretty short and arguably could/should have called, but this guy had basically shown two hands in 4 hours and both of them were AA. Eventually I folded, one of the callers stacked off with 99 and the BB made a set with his QQ.

Chipped up slighthly with two all-in shoves which didn't get called and then ran A2s into AK in a BvB situation.

Worst part of the night was dusting off £200 playing 2/2 PLO. Missed a big draw against the table retard but must admit I played several hands poorly, mainly by calling re-raises pre with weak hands just because there was value in the pot.

Eventually, semi-tilted I get it all-in pre for £90 with JJ109ds and lose to AK84 who makes two pair with his 84. LOL.